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COR Cafe Workshop

A good day starts with a cup of coffee and a smile.

Welcome, Coffee Lovers

Our passion for coffee

Jardins Café was born from people who, in addition to loving, respect coffee and its entire trajectory: from planting to cup. We want to spread not only knowledge and our grains, but people's lives and their dreams through this product. Show and give value to producers, farms and people who love coffee. People who share moments, dreams, purposes, truths and love to live intensely!

We are passionate about our coffees and we want to share with you the history of coffee, the grain, its cultivation, its origins and regions, its preparation and curiosities.

Our mission is to provide the best service, the best quality speciality coffees, unique moments in your life through our coffees and to be a place where you can feel good!

COR Cafe Workshop JC - ESPRESSO
  • Time is TBD
    São Lourenço
    Time is TBD
    São Lourenço, R. Mateus Leme, 4019 - São Lourenço, Curitiba - PR, 82200-000, Brazil

Find Us

We can't wait to serve you

Rua Mateus Leme 4019,


+55 41 99269-6699

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